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More in store than ever before

The Great Passion Play has been a fixture of Eureka Springs culture for decades, and for good reason. The outdoor play has evolved over the years to include several other activities for the whole family, all the while telling the story of Jesus Christ.

"It's not just the day of the Passion Play when people can come in and experience the Christ of the Ozarks and the grounds," said Kent Butler, director of marketing. "The Holy Land Tour, the Bible Museum and the gift shops are open every day but Sunday. We're more of a year-round activity destination now than a play on select nights of the year. Every day of the year, we have people here."

This story is something that transcends space and time and speaks to us today. If you're not blown away from the special effects we've added, you probably don't have any type of ability to see what's going on. It's very powerful.

- Kent Butler, director of marketing

Passion Play Schedule

When you purchase a ticket to the Passion Play, you are invited to take part in other activities on-site. Here's what a day at the Passion Play looks like:

9 a.m. - Gift Shops and Bible Museum open

10 a.m. - In-depth tabernacle teaching

11 a.m. - Sacred Arts Museum and History Museum opens

11:30 a.m. - Showing of the film God with Us: New Testament in Jerusalem Chapel

Noon - Holy Land Tour begins. Tours are given every 45 minutes and it is advised to allow around two hours to get the entire experience.

3 p.m. - Showing of the film I Can Only Imagine in Jerusalem Chapel

4:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. - All-you-can-eat buffet

8:30 p.m. to 10:15 p.m. - The Great Passion Play performance

The Passion Play offers a little something for everyone, Butler said, from 15 miles of incredible mountain biking trails to Noah's Ark Park Petting Zoo. The petting zoo features llamas, goats, chickens, turkeys, a donkey and more. Butler said a baby donkey is expected to be born some time in July or August, adding to the petting zoo's collection.

"That's open every day of the year from dawn to dusk," Butler said. "It's a great thing for people to experience, especially kids."

One new feature at the play promises to excite everyone. Butler said the play began using 11 all-new special effects in August 2018.

"There's no other theater doing what we do in this same way," Butler said. "Now, after something magnificent happens in the play, you can hear people's reactions –– an audible gasp at what happens in the scenes. I know the effects are coming as an actor in the play, but it still wows me."

Of course, Butler said, he hopes everyone leaves the Passion Play in awe.

"There's a new reflection prayer area behind the Christ of the Ozarks statue," Butler said. "It's a sitting area with a very authentic cedar cross, so people can meditate, pray and think on the real meaning of life –– the things we all need to spend more time thinking about."

Free Activities

The Passion Play offers many free activities nearly every day of the year.

Christ of the Ozarks Statue

The remarkable sculpture was built by hand and stands at an altitude of 1,500 feet. It is made of 24 layers of white mortar on a steel frame and weighs more than two million pounds.

Mountain biking and hiking trails

More than 15 miles of mountain bike trails await you on the grounds of the almost 700-acre property of the Passion Play.

Noah's Ark Park Petting Zoo

Walk through the gates to see sheep, a pgymy goat, a dog, a llama, miniature horses, chickens, a giant rabbit, ducks and more.

Bible Museum

Some of the rarest Bibles on display include an original first edition printing of the 1611 King James Version, the only Bible signed by all of the original Gideons in 1898.

Sacred Arts Museum

The Sacred Arts Center features a diverse mix of artistic mediums portraying Christ and the Christian life.

History Museum

The Cultural and Biblical History Museum provides a brief snapshot of the history of creation and mankind.

Berlin Wall Section

This display features an original 10-by-10 feet section of the Berlin Wall erected next to the Church in the Grove.

Church in the Grove

The Church in the Grove was built around the turn of the century and is located on Highway 62 east, about 2.5 miles from the Passion Play.

Parables of the Potter

Each evening before The Great Passion Play performance, the potter stands at his wheel molding clay into form.

David the Shepherd

David the Shepherd gives a free performance before the play at 7 p.m. in the Potter's Theater.

The Marketplace

Walk through the east gate and into the authentic marketplace, home to several smaller attractions featured on this list.

View the custom map of Passion Play Downhill Mountain Biking Trails.